MT Ceres was born in the UK (1966) and is the Author of the Fantasy Fiction series called, Gaiadon's Lore.

Brand new titles will be released late in 2020.

MT Ceres is a writer who captures the zeitgeist of the New Age narrative in her works of fiction. Where the tone is psycho-spiritual, with occult and metaphysical themes, played out by characters, against a back drop of fourth dimensional life, on the home-planet of her universe called, Gaiadon.
The world building is well crafted with a fantastic magic and power system, that defines the milieu on this breath taking but tainted world.
The cosmology reflects the main components of new age philosophy, particularly in relation to, 'as above, so below'.
The stories are told in a wonderfully accessible style, that really embraces the things mentioned above that make cracking SFF.
There are dark fantasy and dystopian themes throughout the series, with a list of fantasy characters that defy the usual tropes. Making Gaiadon's Lore somewhat of a treat. It is a compelling read, the stories thought provoking and, with a plot that spans space, time and dimension.